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Congrats on your engagement!

Here's to planning a lifetime of love!! Moments like these...they're kind of a big deal. Let's go to your favorite date night spot! Whether it be a local ice cream shop, down by the lake, or even at Chick-Fil-A, I'm here for it all! I'll be third-wheeling it while you guys do your thing! My vision is to share your love story through my lens by focusing on what's the most authentically YOU.. This definitely won't be like your everyday photoshoot, we're going to have fun, dance a little, and create lasting memories.


It's time to say "I do"

I genuinely believe that everyone's love story is unique. and deserves to be captured as such. Leading up to your big day, we'll sit down over some coffee or Panera mac & cheese and go over allll the details - from deciding key events, talking vendors, going over the must-have shots, and even setting up a customized timeline! I tend to wear many hats during a wedding day from crying over how sweet your first look was, fluffing  your dress out to partyin 'it up with you on the dance floor. I'm your official new hype girl, cheering you on for life. Let's do the damn thing!



seniors, graduation, maternity & boudoir 

When I said I'm your hype girl for life - I truly meant it. It means the world to me to follow you through all walks of life + capture the moments that mean the most to you - whether that be welcoming a new baby,  graduating, or even a bad-ass boudoir sess. I'm going to sound like a broken record but I want to capture the real + raw moments - if you want to take your graduation photos at your fav. restaurant - I am so down. (I may or may not have taken mine at Moe's). Are you thinking a more casual maternity sess with some jeans and a button up - heck yes! Let's do it! Boudoir photos on the freakin' beach?! Umm Yess! There is no "right way" to do your portraits - it's all about what showcases your best self.

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